Revelations about ET science and technology: earthlings are slowly catching up with the... Gods

If you are thinking these are the musings of someone who is insane, you might as well stop reading. The material that follows, all from real life experience and/or readings, is not for doofi who may actually be insane, or otherwise possess subprime intellects.

It happens often enough, and is reported often enough from perfectly credible people, that there are organisations like MUFON studying the phenomenon continuously, and even special websites with weekly, even almost daily sightings.

I don't believe in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). It is more like I have seen them twice, and I thought that was very unusual. Then I read on the Internet the sincere testimony of a man who has seen UFOs thrice...

The first time it happened it was October 1993. I actually saw the UFO in broad daylight, in the vicinity of Grumman [1], while returning from a day of work with my father, who was a building contractor. My late father also saw the same thing I saw.

Not only I saw a UFO in broad daylight, but at a certain point he even tried to communicate, and since the communication was probably not a "Yes" or "No", I now realise that he (or she) probably signaled "Hi" with light flashes. Yes, the extraterrestrial (ET) pilot was probably, very probably aware of my staring, as well as my father's staring at his UFO.

I also know he was trying to say "Hi" because he had to leave, and the ET pilot obviously cared enough about me to show it, and by so doing also acknowledged my humble, unexalted existence. The vehicle didn't have to leave from the actual place where it stood motionless in the sky, but just disappear away slowly like a ghost...

I knew it was no miracle, because it reminded me of the kind of camouflage (actual transparency in the case of the UFO) used by many animals to conceal themselves in their environment. However, this was no peacock flounder changing its pattern and colours to match its environment. This was an extremely advanced, metal-coloured flying vehicle, obviously of ET origin, that was doing the same thing in the sky with its special skin, coating, or other extraordinary technology.

Today through metamaterials the most advanced and experienced physicists can bend light around objects to render them invisible.

Recently, however, a group of physicists has been able to make objects fully invisible in the microwave range without even the need for metamaterial coating.

So basically, here is objective reporting of ET science and technology I witnessed over two decades ago, and earthlings, at least our most sophisticated technical wizards, are beginning to catch up, slowly but surely, with ET science and technology.

Now I'm hoping that these "sophisticated apes" on Earth, these spiritually primitive apes in three-piece suits, can actually begin to catch up with the ETs in also another way: ethically or morally, because the behaviour of the Gods reveals they are more than 20 or 30 years ahead of us, more than 20 or 30 years ahead of even the greatest ethical geniuses among us.

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